Ideal Aviation

June 2, 2023

Ideal Aviation Flight School

Ideal Aviation is a flight school in St. Louis, Missouri at the airport KCPS.  Great team over there that is very invested in growing their flight school and serving the St. Louis market.  I've flown in nearly all of the pilot training schools in the St. Louis area and I gotta say, Ideal Aviation really has nice stuff.  Really clean facility and office, and well maintained aircraft.

Their old website was generating 5-10 leads a week and had about 300 organic views per month.  Running off the WordPress engine, their website took a few seconds to load and didn't rank very high in terms of SEO.

We rebuilt their site from the ground up and got their page speed down to under a second.  We're seeing more than 1000 site visits per month and we get visitors filling forms multiple times a day.  Just last month we generated over 100 qualified leads.  Leads that have a great interest in becoming a pilot and training at Ideal.

Desktop view

Mobile view

Check out the site here: