July 9, 2023

SimpliFly is a flight school with multiple locations in Mesa, AZ and Spanish Fork, UT.  They started their flight school a few years back and it is rapidly expanding.  They reached out to Right Rudder Marketing because they were looking for a fresh new website to really take their school to the next level and outshine the competition. 

We just launched their site a few days ago and we're seeing good results.  We built the site from scratch to optimize the website for search rankings.  Our next step is off page SEO where we're updating directory listings, looking for guest posts, and publishing press releases.  Then we're going to be doing geo-fencing and map optimization to help increase their rankings on Google Map.  Very excited to work with this awesome team.  Check out their Instagram, the views that they get over there are freaking gorgeous.  As a flat lander pilot here in the Midwest, it's something that we don't see everyday and it is just amazing.

Desktop View

Mobile View

Really enjoyed coding out a price calculator.  I used Ruby to declare the variables which were the price for each service.

Then used Alpine JS to take the variables and calculate out the pricing onto an editable calculator.  When the button is pressed, it loads the variable to the calculator and then I used JS to move the page to the calculator section when viewing on mobile.  It's pretty slick!

Cost Page

Check out their website here: