Voice of a Hustler

June 1, 2020

Meet Jayrone, the man behind the Voice of a Hustler.  Jayrone is a St. Louis musician and battle rapper with a large following.  Seeing and hearing this guy rap live is an experience in itself.  Lyrically constructing each syllable in musical harmony - It’s amazing what he can do.  A star in the battle rap community, he tours around USA, competing in battle rap.
He uses his website to keep his fans up to date with new music videos, songs, and where he’s competing next.  Tim Jedrek helped set up the website and help him grow his online presence and followers.

This site was originally designed using WordPress as it was one of my first websites that I created.  Below is a screenshot of what the site used to look like with WordPress.

Previous Site of the Voice of a Hustler

While we were able to get the website up and running through WordPress, the site looked outdated, was incredibly slow to load, and was a target for spam, hackers, and attacks.  Everyday, the site would receive countless brute force attacks and we would have to go through each file and folder of the website to make sure that it was clean and sanitized.

I knew that we would need to get this fixed up due to the security risks that the site imposed.  His new site is 100% hand crafted and coded from scratch.  His new site loads fast and ranks on top of Google search results.  The site features a custom admin interface similar to timjedrek.com website and Jayrone is able to update his tour schedule, and add new music videos to his website portfolio.

When Jayrone is out on tour, his competition is surprised to see that he has a fully developed professional website and has a custom email to communicate with other rappers, musicians, artists, and leaders in the entertainment industry.  His website has brought him more views and followers. 

Jayrone's New Website

Check out his website here